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    Brain Power


    Lunch Hour

  • What we do

    We help you to boost your employee's well-being with a brain break!

    We bring creative team-workshops, relaxing concerts, fabulous comedy and uplifting performances to your office.

    Well-Being and Happiness

    We create moments to pause during a hectic workday

    Establish a happy and relaxed working culture through lunch activities that boost well-being and allow the mind and body to relax and refresh.

    Brain Gain

    We turn lunchtime into a real brain gain

    Our brain is not a machine, but a living, rapidly renewing organ. Give it the right pause and it grows!

    Afternoon Energy

    We help you to banish afternoon fatigue

    People at your office are awake, focused and more energized through practicing awareness, moving and learning something new.

    Social Networking

    We grow your teams

    Connect and bond relationships during lunch time as well as improve communication skills.

  • Our Brain-Pause Packages

    1 Time Package



    Choose between:


    Feel-good background music for your employees during lunchtime (Canteen/lunchroom)


    Inspiring concerts with learning effect (combination of music performance and introduction about classical music)


    Comedy and Scat Workshops


    Interactive and creativity boosting theatre games


    Rhythm and voice workshops

    1 Week Package




    Enjoy 3 relaxing and recharging programs, on 3 days of your choice.


    Day 1 Relaxation

    Ease into winding down! Enhance healthy daydreaming (background music)


    Day 2 Energy

    Let’s start expanding! Energize and expand your creativity (scat workshop/Shakespeare workshop/comedy session)


    Day 3 Let’s Play!

    Wake up the brain and boost team work (interactive theatre games/rhythm and voice workshops)

    1 Month Package




    Enjoy four relaxing and recharging programs, one per week.


    Week 1 Enhance healthy daydreaming 

    (background music)


    Week 2 Energize and expand your creativity 

    (scat workshop/Shakespeare workshop/comedy session)


    Week 3 Wake up the brain 

    (interactive theatre games)


    Week 4 Boost team work, play and revitalize

    (rhythm and voice workshops)

    4 Months Package




    Enjoy four relaxing and recharging programs, one per month.


    Month 1 Enhance healthy daydreaming 

    (background music)


    Month 2 Energize and expand your creativity

    (scat workshop/Shakespeare workshop/comedy)


    Month 3 Wake up the brain

    (interactive theatre games)


    Month 4 Boost team work, play and revitalize (rhythm and voice workshops)

  • Examples Of Our Pause Sessions

    We bring professional performing artists to your office!

    Theatre Games

    Energises mind and body

    This introductory workshop includes improvisation games, relaxation exercises, basic acting and role-play. Participants are encouraged to think sharp, enhance their fantasy and to coordinate their body language. Through play, participants not only have fun but also get a fresh view of themselves and their colleagues. Surprise yourself, a great motivational booster.

    Scat Workshop

    Energizer & creative teambuilding

    Would you like to scat like Louis Armstrong? Get new insights into Jazzmusic and enjoy a workshop full of rhythm, moving and laughter. You will practice awareness, concentration and active listening by learning to scat. Great team building buzz and exercise without breaking a sweat!

    Latin American Concert

    Enjoy exotic sounds in the office

    Experience a guitar and vocal concert and let its exotic rythms and sounds take you to another world.

    This mini vacation helps to enhance positive thoughts and boost your creativity.

    Jazz Concert

    Rest for success

    Create moments to pause during hectic working days and soothe body and mind while listening to jazz musicians during lunch. It will stimulate the brain and happy brains are more productive.

    Shakespeare "Karaoke"

    Wake up the brain

    A Shakespeare text will be projected on a screen and you will bring his words to life in a contemporary way. Hosted by a professional Shakespeare actor. This is great for body language awareness and will energize the whole team while indulging in a little classic culture.

    Singing Exercise

    Boost team work and happiness

    Have a singing workshop after lunch in order to return to work vitalized and with an energetic self-belief. You can improve your physical awareness and communication skills while singing. It will release endorphines and make you happy!

    The new Mozart effect

    Learn about music and the brain

    Experience emotionally powerful violin and harp music combined with an educational and interactive lecture about how music can influence your brain. You will be introduced to the connection between science and music and will better understand how to “use” music to improve your cognitive performance.

    Classical Concert

    Enhance healthy daydreaming

    Sit back and relax mind and body while listening to a short concert during lunch time. It will create moments of inner silence and boost well-being. The perfect mental break during lunchtime. 

    Rhythm & Voice Workshop

    De‐stress, play and revitalize

    Laughing, moving and playing help maintain a healthy brain. Your wellbeing is at the heart of this workshop. Its emphasis is on rhythmical sounds of African & Caribbean music. Provided percussion instruments and your voice are all that’s needed.

    Body-language Workshop

    Boost physical awareness

    Participants learn about the power of their body language and how to energize and boost self-confidence through power poses. A workshop full of music, movement and interaction.

    Soothing Soul Session

    Be Entertained, relax and let go

    Relax and socialize with colleagues as you listen to soothing soul and jazz music during your lunchpause. Tune in to the laid‐back lounge sounds, while indulging in your free time. The songs will transport you to a blissful moment of peace and tranquility.

    Return to work with an enhanced mind and increased concentration.

  • Why?

    Scientific studies show:

    How we use our midday can improve brain activity, well-being and productivity.

    Brain Benefits

    Our brain has two different modes of thinking: The focused and the default mode. These two modes operate in opposing ways: when one is active, the other is not.

    The focused mode is active when we are working and learning, hence during office hours. What happens when we set the brain to a mental rest and enhance daydreaming during lunchtime? Our brain will switch to the default mode. Surprisingly our brain is very active when we relax: The default mode helps us to process our experiences and learning, to digest the morning input and to make new and creative connections. Ideally a brilliant idea arises during lunchtime, while our mind is wandering.

    Digital Detox

    When our brain is overloaded with digital information even during lunchtime, we are forfeiting the chance to train and improve our focus, attention and mindfulness. When we are offline, the experience of live music and performances is proven to practice awareness and to reduce unhealthy stress. Offline activites, that are a positive distraction from work help us to exercise our focus and consciousness.

    Being offline during lunchtime is crucial for proper brain function and health. We can clear the head, give the brain space to grow and let our mind wander.

  • Testimonials

    What our customers are saying

    "I loved the approach of a digital detox, how the games took your mind of work completely and left you warm, happy and energised. I also felt that it enhanced our team spirit and helped to get to know your colleagues better in different ways...I would recommend Lunchpause to everyone that is looking for a unique team event to remember!"

    "The lunch break workshop was really nice, I felt warm, relaxed and refreshed afterwards and the fun we had will be remembered for a long time for sure. The activities were easy to follow and also taught me some new things. The team building was a much welcomed change from the usual office day and I would love to participate again."

    "Really nice event to relax and get the mind away from work. Fun games and nice differentiation of exercises (sit, stand, move, listen etc.) It helped to connect to the team."

    "It was great to work together with LunchPause, as they provided all equipment, helped with marketing, and brought 2 great musicians who were both friendly and talented."

  • About

    On a mission to connect, explore, inspire and value the arts.

    Johanna von Oldershausen

    I am passionate about learning, exploring culture and connecting with different people. With a professional background as Stage & Costume Designer for theatre, I have a strong interest in arts, performing arts and culture. While working for start-ups in Sweden I developed the idea to bring creative and inspiring lunchbreaks to workplaces in Amsterdam.

    Now, I am on a mission to engage people to get the right inspiration during midday in order to return to work with a fresh mind!

    Karen O'Shea

    While building up my juice delivery company last year I started organizing events. I love connecting with people and enjoy the energy and enthusiasm people experience when engaging in something new.

    I am excited to be part of our Digital-Detox mission in bringing inspiring and creative breaks to companies in Noord Holland.

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